Our Scholarship Program was established since 1959 and we are proud to continue this legacy: To support our Youth in their pursuit of a College Degree.  Education expands one’s horizons; it brings hope for a better future. Every year since its inception, a Team of Highly-Educated Volunteers, evaluates each Application thoroughly. Our goal is to select the most deserving Recipient, the smartest & brightest who gives back to the community.



We are actively seeking Sponsors to partner with us. Together we can help more Applicants who are in dire need. We welcome any Individuals, Families, Small Businesses, Corporates, Non-Profits, Foundations, Religious, Social or Civic Groups. While we support its Administration, You are free to Name it Your way, (perhaps You wish to honor a Loved One). If you are interested or have any questions, contact us by email.



Our Scholarship Program  has Two Phases:

Phase 1-Scholarship for Pittsburg High School submitted via the PHS’ Application Packet administered by the PHS Counselors. ***CLOSED FOR 2023***

Eligibility:  Filipino Heritage (F), GPA 3.0 and Above, Awards/Honors, Community Service/Extra-Curricular Activities, and Essay.

  Deadline:  TBD       Announcement:  TBD

 Award’s Night:  TBD (Certificate Presented to the Recipients)

*Check(s) will be given once the Recipient(s) submit to the Scholarship Chairperson a copy of his/her College Registration Form for Fall, 2023.


One-Time Monetary Reward/Sponsors

1st Place - Filipino-American Association of Pittsburg, Inc.

Phase 2-Scholarship for Filipino-American Association’s General Membership.

Eligibility:  A direct descendant (child or grandchild) of a Member of the Filipino-American Association of Pittsburg, Inc. for at least 1 year, GPA 3.0 and Above, Awards/Honors, Community Service/Extra-Curricular Activities, and Essay. (Scholarship Application Form will be available for download. Check back soon) for specific instructions. Submit Application to

Deadline:  CLOSED for 2023       Announcement:  TBA

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*Check will be given when the Recipient submits to the Scholarship Chairperson a copy of his/her College Registration Form for Fall, 2023.

One-Time Monetary Reward per Recipient(s)

Download the Application Here

*Note the Number of Scholarship Recipients and Amount of Monetary Reward varies Yearly as it depends upon our Association’s Scholarship’s Fund for the Current Year.

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